LOCKE & KEY Headed To The Big Screen

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As far as horror comics go, LOCKE & KEY by Joe Hill was incredibly popular amongst fans of horror and indie comics, so it was no real surprise to us when we heard that the series was picked up by a network to be turned into a television series. The news came well over a year ago but never came into fruition even after making it to the pilot stage at Fox. In fact, oddly enough, the show's pilot was even screened at Comic-Con in 2011 (garnering a relatively positive response from audiences) but things still were not meant to be. However, this might not be the last we've heard of LOCKE & KEY.

According to Latino Review, LOCKE & KEY might be an upcoming film trilogy. According to film producer Robert Orci (Spider-Man 2, Fringe) LOCKE & KEY is going to the big screen. When asked whether this is a film trilogy Orci is currently attached to, the movie producer revealed on Twitter that yes it is "true." This is great news for horror fans as well as fans of the series and those who were looking forward to seeing LOCKE & KEY adapted, but is making a movie the right move?

You can still see the trailer for the failed Fox LOCKE & KEY television series that premiered at Comic-Con last year here. Do you think this is the right direction for the adaptation? Do you think LOCKE & KEY will be better adapted as a film than as a television series? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TV.com and Latino Review

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I guess I have to start reading Locke and Key

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WHOOO I love Joe Hill, Love IDW and LOVE Locke & Key. Great news.

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I Just finished reading the whole series and it was freakin awesome

I think a trilogy is a better idea than a Tv series

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@haydenclaireheroes: You should, it's very good
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I've been reading this series in trade for a couple of years. Very well written and plenty of great character development. This should make for good movies if handled well.

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A small miniseries set of films I think is the best way to handle something like this, but that's just my opinion.

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I think a television series would be best, but if Fox has the television rights and is, apparently, going to jerk us around, then making a film adaptation seems to be the only way to go right now.

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I absolutely love this series!!! It's so well written and the horror was so well done!  I think this series would be better if it was on the big screen.

#9 Posted by Twentyfive (2918 posts) - - Show Bio

Need to pick up the book!

#10 Posted by vincethekid (69 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it would have work better as a TV show. I hope this movie doesn't disappoint. Hope hope.

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Finally, Locke & Key Continues to be an amazing comic glad to see it get a wider audience.

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