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This article is about the third person to use the name Reaper. For the first person to use that name, see Reaper. For the second person to use that name, see Judson Caspian.


Little is known about Joe Chill, Jr's early life. Presumably born and raised in Gotham, he is the only known son of Joe Chill. He has one sister, Marcia. His childhood was turbulent, as his father was abusive towards his mother. Despite this, he idolized his father.  


Joe Chill, Jr. was created by Mike W Barr and Alan Davis.  

Major Story Arcs

Full Circle 

Having witnessed his father's death at the hands of the Reaper, Chill becomes obsessed with obtaining vengeance against Batman. To this end he formulates a plan to drive the hero insane, impersonating the now-deceased Reaper with the assistance of his sister. This draws the attention not only of Batman, but also that of the previous Reaper's daughter, Rachel Caspian, who becomes convinced that Chill is her father risen from the dead. Chill manipulates her belief, using her to draw Batman into his trap, ultimately succeeding in capturing Batman. He attempts to goad Batman into killing himself by drugging the hero with hallucinogens and forcing him to watch videos designed to play on Batman's survivor's guilt. His plan is interrupted by the treachery of his sister, who attempts to turn Batman in to the mob. Chill kills her for her disloyalty, and in so doing is distracted from Batman, who manages to escape with the aid of Robin. Batman and Chill fight, and Batman easily bests his opponent. He considers killing the man, but decides against it after Chill's young son Joey reveals himself and his father's identity. Chill is arrested. 

Powers and Abilities

Chill has no known superhuman abilities. He is a competent hand-to-hand fighter, and has some skill with bladed weapons and firearms.

Equipment and Weapons

As the Reaper, Chill wears a suit of boiled leather armour which provides some protection from blunt force trauma, as well as from bullets. His armour is tipped at the knees and fists with spikes which heighten the impact of any blows he lands on an enemy. He wields dual scythe-like blades which contain within their hafts concealed firearms and smoke pellets.

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