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Major Story Arcs

The Unkshuss family are malicious humanoid aliens that sort of resemble Dr. Seuss characters, and control the Machovian empire from behind the scenes. The family patriarch is Pobidiah, who is a religious leader akin to the pope, as well as the builder of the Machovian home planet of Gimmegimme. His children are Jobidiah, Mobidiah, and Flobidiah. The top-hat-wearing Jobidiah is an oligarch and owns most of the businesses on Gimmegimme. Mobidiah is the thug-like enforcer who does the dirty work. Flobidiah is the "black sheep" of the family, in the sense that she is kind hearted, but she usually does what Mobidiah says.

Although Pobidiah is the creator of Gimmegimme, Jobidiah seems to run most of its businesses, most of them eponymous. Throughout the series, he is shown to own the Jobidiah Unkshuss Funeral Palace, the Jobidiah Unkshuss Home for Miscreants and Madmen, the Jobidiah Unkshuss Society for Lint and Bottlecap Collectors, the Jobidiah Unkshuss Home for Oddities and Antiquities, and so on.

In his first appearances, he was quite a bit bigger than Moonshadow, but later on he and his family are human-sized.

Jobidiah first meets Moonshadow when he comes to Gimmegimme to have his mother's funeral. Moon unfortunately goes to Jobidiah's Funeral Palace and Jobidiah, perhaps the most unctuous of the Unkshuss family, persuades him to spend all his money on the funeral. When Ira causes problems, the funeral becomes mayhem, and Moon goes nuts in despair, Jobidiah has Moon sent to his insane asylum, which also houses the king of Machovia, King Macha.

Moon has several more adventures and ends up being a war hero. He and Ira end up at the palace, where they meet King Macha again. It seems that the Unkshusses send him to the asylum occasionally to keep their hold on power. Jobidiah and the others manipulate Ira to work for them giving speeches about the war.

They then trump up some charges against Moon and force him to leave. From this point on Jobidiah acts as his father's servile right hand man, helping to stick the king, queen, and their children away in the asylum or in detention, and generally speaking oil the wheels of his father's plans.

Much later, Moon and Ira are captured and put in Pobidiah's dungeons, where Jobidiah gloats over them. However Ira breaks their chains and Moon shoots (but doesn't kill) Pobidiah. This event forces even the malevolent yes-man Jobidiah to break down and cry over his father's wounded body, filled with real emotion for the first time.

Soon after Queen Dibbich manages to take back control of the kingdom, and captures and presumably jails Jobidiah.

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