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Joann has been with BEDLAM for almost 9 years. An ordinary housewife living in the 'neighborhood' of the BEDLAM conglomerate. (Her abilities had apparently warned her of an imminent disaster originating in our bioneering sector and urged her to intervene. The potential problem was detected then by our own devices and the situation remedied.)

A brightly pleasant and caring woman, Joann was soon given our highest clearance (as she knew everything anyway...) and brought into BEDLAM as an advisor (though I question at times whether this was initially my idea or hers...), gravitating very quickly to some of our more...unique operatives. Joann mostly is a healer and her concern and counsel, her friendship, seems to be a glue around here, mostly with members of our Blue Team. She is, in fact, friend and mentor to that Team's Leader, Arisa, and so is involved in many of that group's internal and external affairs. She is my closest counsel and I trust her implicitly.

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