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Beast Boy and Argent are relaxing talking about the family bond each of their team of Titans had, while musing over the fact that their is no longer a team of Titans as several of Argent's teammates barge in to announce that an unknown threat has shut down half the H'san Empire and is now coming to Earth.Meanwhile on the JLA watchtower a frustrated Flash grows impatient over the time taking to install the new New Genesis tech,as the base is attacked by an alien which shuts down all most of the technology on the station as Orion and Kyle head to meet the threat Steel is mysteriously incapacitated.While Starfire is forced into a vision of her life on Tamaran married to Dick Grayson with two children, however she realizes the truth as Tamaran has been destroyed freeing herself from the vision. While back on Earth Oracle's computers are hacked by the unknown entity forcing her to shift the commlinks onto Batman's frequency as he shuts down the Batcomputer.
Meanwhile on Earth Superman and Zauriel deal with the fall out of the worlds electronics going haywire.While in Gotham Batman sends Robin to team up with Huntress but both are surprised by a floating robot which scans Robin, fleeing as it says he is a negative match. As back on the watch tower more of the robots capture Flash,Atom and Green Lantern before leaving, while in Bludhaven Nightwing saves several lives before himself being taken. While at Cyborg's apartment one of the robots invaders scanning his grandparents before leaving,while on Paradise Island Donna is captured as well.
 While many crisis keep the JLA at bay, Argent's group of Titans and Beast Boy are captured by their robotic foes. 
With several of their teammates captured Orion tracks the pods flight to the east cost of the United States before the moon is covered in technology as J'onn telepathic link is broken.While in Atlantis Tempest is captured as Aquaman struggles to evacuate his city and the visiting Letifos,while in Russia Red Star,Pantha and Wildebeest are captured. While Batman uses the emergency comm signal to call the JLA to regroup at his location, as Orion attacks triggered earthquakes on the Earth.Flash then frees himself as they free Dick and Beast Boy they discover all the pods with a Titan inside.While above the JLA formulates a plan to rescue all of the captives underground,while below the Titans formulate who's behind this as Beast Boy reveals it is Cyborg.

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