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The JLA is called into Gorilla City where Superman,Aquaman,Wonder Woman,Flash and Martian Manhunter are turned into apes by a morphogenic weapon, as Solovar continuing his tour of the human world is assassinated by the Human Supremacy Movement with Prince Ulgo becoming the leader. Being manipulated by Simian Scarlet and Gorilla Grodd he declares war on the humans by turning the U.N. into apes but this is thwarted by the Justice League who turns them back, but not before Green Lantern is turned as well. The League then learns of the gorilla's intentions to strike at key locations, so the JLApes and Batman are forced to split up to stop them during which they begin to learn of Ulgo being manipulated and are each cured of their gorilla forms.The world then begins to fall apart with nuclear warheads being launched which Superman flies into space to stop, as the League and Ulgo evacuate Gorilla City and Martian Manhunter begins interviewing intelligent apes to deduce who has been manipulating the events.He then arrives to the city to confront Grodd who begins absorbing the minds of the world's gorillas growing in mental power, however Martian Manhunter lies tricking Grodd into rejecting the power for fear of losing his self. Grodd is then confined to an asylum in Groilla City with all believing him to be little more then an average ape, as The League reverses the transformations and Ulgo promising Solovar's dream lives on.

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