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As the mysterious crimelord El Morte consolidates his hold on Central City's gangs, Ellen travels to Venezuela to find the truth about the cadaverous gangster. Can Ellen and the Spirit find the key to defeating this unstoppable foe?

The astronauts on the space shuttle make their way across the moon's surface and enter the Watchtower and confront the League, revealing that they are being controlled by the Bloodlines parasites which in turn have granted them super powers.Against Batman's wishes, Monaghan begins shooting them so that he and the League can escape; during their rush to the elevator, one of the parasites attaches itself to Batman.Based beneath Aquaman's tank, the League take stock of their options with Wonder Woman determining the parasite's plans to conquer the Earth. She reasons that as warriors, she and Monaghan should attempt to regain control of the Watchtower's communications and summon help from Earth's superheroes but on the way she is attacked by the parasite's. As Monaghan reaches the communications level, he is greeted by Superman who has been taken over by one of the parasites.On Earth, the president of the US reluctantly agrees to launching nuclear missiles at the Watchtower following reports that the League may have been infected.On the Watchtower, Monaghan helps Superman overcome the parasite which renders him almost powerless, leaving Monaghan to face the remaining parasites. He shoots them and convinces the parasites to leave. The Leaguers regain their pwers and manage to have the nuclear missiles recalled.With the League restored, Batman hauls Monaghan back to Gotham and hands him over to the police, who in turn let him go.

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