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The exciting three-issue miniseries teaming the JLA with the fallen angel Zauriel (first seen in JLA #6-7) continues, as the Martian Manhunter lays dying! While the JLA rushes to the aid of their fallen comrade, the fallen angel Zauriel must flee the allied forces of Heaven and Hell with Shannon, his one true love. But when the Father of Lies, Neron, gets together with Asmodel, the Lord Angel of the Bull Host, there's very little that can stand in their way, and Zauriel may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his beloved.  


Shannon Coyne tells her boyfriend, male nurse Jerry, that her guardian angel Zauriel has approached her and professed his love. After Etrigan’s attack last issue, Zauriel wants them to flee to Los Angeles, and Shannon needs Jerry to come with them for support. They drive from San Francisco to L.A., with Zauriel watching from the skies.
At the Watchtower, Superman has discovered Martian Manhunter’s dying body, and the Justice League try to resuscitate him. While Batman and Aztek try to help Manhunter, the rest of the League scour San Francisco for either Asmodel (the cause of Martian Manhunter’s condition) or Zauriel (Asmodel’s arch-enemy who has not responded to the JLA’s call).
In Los Angeles, Zauriel, Shannon and Jerry seek the protection of Michael, another angel that renounced his place in heaven to become mortal. When Michael realizes that Asmodel is involved, he refuses. When Michael tries to talk Zauriel from throwing away his life for Shannon, Asmodel attacks. Asmodel and Zauriel fight in the air above Los Angeles, and Zauriel destroys Asmodel’s flesh suit with his sonic scream. Realizing that he must stop Asmodel and Neron’s scheme to assault heaven, Zauriel has Michael kill him, returning Zauriel to heaven.
At the Watchtower, Martian Manhunter has died from his wounds, only to find himself standing before the gates of heaven, watching it come under siege from Neron’s demons. 

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