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The JLA ventures into the depths of a Babylonian hellworld in order to rescue the North African hero named Sala, who is actually an incarnation of the Babylonian deity Istar. But the World's Greatest Heroes soon learn that the hardest part of their journey is staying alive, as they battle a host of monstrous creatures and new adversaries.

Kyle Rayner laments on leaving his old friend Professor Sala Nisaba miles beneath the Syrian Desert in a Hell world known as Kurnugi. He made a promise to bring her home and to do that he brought the JLA (Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman along with Dr. Fate)

While Sala awaits and ponders whether Kyle will come for her she manifests herself into Ishtar, the goddess of battle. She is seen battling Kulullu as well and Enkum and Ninkum (male and female honor gurad of Enkimdu) While Dr. Fate is opening a portal to Kurnugi, Kyle recounts his time in the land battling Nergal's demons. It is a page flashback from Green Lantern Annual #9.

Nergal and Tiamat are discussing how they must take the Ringstaff from Ishtar and re-conquer the world beyond the gate (Earth) The soothsayer warns the evil ones that human warriors have opened the gate and Tiamat asks if the Ringbearer (GL) is among the invaders. When the JLA reaches Kurnugi, they see the butchery of civilians who rebelled against Negrel. The binary sun is affecting Superman as the Red Sun interferes with the radiation of the Yellow Sun, preventing the fullness of Superman's powers. Aquaman only minutes under the double sun is already sweating and dehydrating. Kyle still is guilty for leaving Sala behind. He even has a picture of her. Superman and Batman confront Negrel's air forces while the issue ends with Negrel's ground commanders and their beasts cornering Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

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