cosmic_sentinel's JLA: Earth-2 #1 - JLA: Earth-2 review

On Earth 2 this book would be awful...

The combined efforts of Scottish legends Frank Quitely and Grant Morrison come together for one of the most entertaining Justice League stories of recent years. While the plot lacks the complexity of some of Morrison's JLA run, this isn't a bad thing. The plot moves quickly enough to be a great ride and allows for some nice twists. Like any story involving "evil twins", this contains some character study of DC's big three. This would not be a Morrison story though if it did not feature some questioning of the nature of reality and this is no different. Fortunately for the more casual reader this time round he keeps it relatively simple, so you won't feel left out if you aren't a physicist or a philosopher.

Quitely's art is up to his usual high standard as readers of the more recent All Star Superman will have experienced.

All in all this is a highly entertaining book and definitely worth a look, even if you are not a Justice League fan or are a new reader looking for some background for a taste.


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    I read the book and I LOVED it. I like the part when 2 teams fight each other and I like the Owlman and Superwoman story cuz' it's kinda funny when Ultraman interfered. In addition, Green Lantern frightened a group of thugs attacking a dog by creating a construct of a ferocious beast and I really liked it. My most fav part of this novel is the Daily Planet scene because it's funny when Superwoman seduces Jimmy Olsen and it's still funny in my opinion. ...

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