jointron33's JLA: Act of God #1 review

What a Giant pile of FAIL

The basic premise of this story is that all of the super powered individuals in the DC universe suddenly lose their powers. If hit upon quickly, then wrapped up with the characters getting their powers back, the premise could have produced a good story but instead, we get his giant steaming pile of disgusting and anger-inducing filth. Characters are written completely OUT of character, such as Superman eventually becoming a mopey drunk, and Booster Gold reverting back to his old money-grubbing ways. Also, it refuses to make logical sense. All of the magical characters, such as Dr. Fate, have dissappeared, so why is Wonder Woman still there? Also, the tech-based heroes are all fine, so why doesn't Kyle Rayner's ring work? Alien, yes, but it's still technology. Eventually, the story (d)evolves into a worthless Batman/fanboy dream, ala ANYTHING AT DC FROM FRANK MILLER. No one is written right. As much as I hate Garth Ennis, even HE understands these characters better, particularly Superman. This a pathetic excuse for a story and should be avoided at all cost. The only thing it's good for is to anger any DC fan that isn't a complete Batman Fanboy.

Posted by turoksonofstone

passionate review

Posted by shadow death

wow nice review  
you make me want to go get the book

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