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The newest era of JLA action continues in Part 1 of the 3-part "Golden Perfect!" Wonder Woman is called into the small nation of Jarhanpur to help a mother save her child from the country's powerful dictator, Rama Kahn. What could be simpler than saving a child, right? So why is the rest of the JLA trying to stop her?

A pair of Amazons of Themyscira are attacked while trying to protect a mother and her son from some soldiers of Jarhanpur.

Wonder Woman gets news of this on the JLA Watchtower and explains to the rest of the JLA that the boy has been taken to Jarhanpur for a life of servitude. The group soon comes the agreement to help Wonder Woman rescue the boy.

It is under the team's impression that Jarhanpur is a kinda of hell on earth but when they arrive they find the population happy and peaceful. Soon Rama Khan, the ruler of Jarhanpur greets them and invites them back to the palace.

There the team is well feed and taken care of. Rama Khan then explains that the boy was chosen by the land of Jarhanpur to be its next ruler, and that if he does not stay in Jarhanpur and full fill his destiny Jarhanpur would be no more.

Wonder Woman does not believe this and tries to confront Rama Khan but her and the JLA are teleported outside the city walls. There Rama Khan tries to explain that this is whats best for Jarhanpur, but Wonder Woman still does not believe him and attacks.

During the fight she wraps the Lasso of Truth around Rama Khan but when she learns he is telling the truth about the boy's destiny something bad happens and the Lasso of Truth breaks causing Wonder Woman to fall to Earth in shock.

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