englentine's JLA #29 - Crisis Times Five! Part Two: World Turned review


Okay, well the cover is a bit misleading. Sure, Captain Marvel hits Superman and knocks him out ( great line from Hourman after that happens ) yet there is no full fledged battle. The rest of the story also seems to be carrying to much in it. Yet the different storylines seem to be handled a bit better this issue.

Triumph is still not interesting, yet his actions are. i want to see what happens with the league he has surrounded himself with ( Gypsy, Light Ray ) I would rather watch them than Triumph.

Back in Keystone city, the heroes are just trying to survive the attack from LKZ, and Plastic Man, and the Green Lantern are quickly taken out of the picture. They find out their objective when they see a young boy surrounded by Imps, and holding a glowing pink pen.

Overall a better book than the one before it, making the story a heck of a lot more interesting.

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