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Prometheus (now disguised as Retro) was teleported up to the Watchtower along with over one hundred members of the media (including Lois Lane and Martian Manhunter disguised as Clark Kent), who were to cover the re-formation of a new JLA, along with the introduction of several new members. Batman monitored everything in from the Monitor Womb, explaining that he can’t find anything wrong with Retro. The new JLA was quickly introduced, and a question and answer session commenced. ‘Retro’ feigned an upset stomach from going through the teleporter; Steel escorted him to the bathroom.

Once they were far enough away ‘Retro’ uploaded a virus into Steel’s armor, taking control of it; revealing himself to be Prometheus, he declared that: “I’m here to destroy the Justice League!” He then ordered Steel to walk far away and then to throw his hammer as far as he can.

SupermanJonn immediately realized something was wrong and went looking for Steel and Retro after informing Superman and Wonder Woman ( Hippolyta ). He instead found Prometheus downloading the blueprints of the Watchtower directly into his brain. Jonn ordered Prometheus to stand down and surrender. Prometheus responded by shooting Jonn with a phosphorous dart, and then as his powers were weakened, he shot him with a toxic dart that broke down chemical bonds, rendering Jonn the most powerful puddle of goo alive.

HuntressHaving lost their telepathic communication, the JLA went on high alert, as Prometheus set fire to garden which was responsible for most of the breathable air on the Watchtower and disabled the teleporters. Prometheus quickly dispatched Zauriel to the Ghost-Zone, and hypnotized Huntress before knocking her out. Batman then confronted Prometheus.

Prometheus quickly downloaded 30 of the worlds greatest martial artists into his brain (Batman being one of them), and set up a disorienting light pattern on his helmet to distract Batman as they engaged each other.

Green LanternFlash and Kyle Rayner began their search and found that main power was going offline, GL noted that he was having trouble concentrating as his construct flashlight began to discorporate. Prometheus is heard explaining that GL is having trouble concentrating because of an invention of his called the "Neural Chaff", which disorders conscience thought, making his power ring useless. However it does not work on Flash’s high frequency brain, so Prometheus goes on to explain that he has been planting motion sensitive bombs since he arrived, so that if Flash should go one iota above normal speed, every one of them will explode. He then dropped the unconscious form of Batman and declares “Five down, who wants to be number six?”

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