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In the aftermath of Identity Crisis, the JLA finds itself splintering. Turns out that some time ago the Secret Society of Super Villains discovered the Secert Identities of the members of the League. In order to protect their nearest and dearest, the League (or some of them) persuaded relative newcomer Zatanna to use her magic and erase that knowledge from their minds. Then, when Dr Light attacked Sue Dibny, they got Zatanna to go a step further and use her magic to alter his personality. Batman tried to stop this, but Zee used her powers on him so that he would forget what had happened. 
Trouble is, someone is now restoring the villains memories. Rumours are spreading and as J'onn seeks to find and try and appease Batman, the League receives a distress signal from Red Tornado who is under attack from Felix Faust, Chronos and the Floronic Man. Despite the efforts of Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Black Canary, the four Leaguers are defeated. Meanwhile, J'onn has found Batman and Catwoman. But before he can tell Bats what he came to tell him, the trio find themselves confronted by the SSOSV who greet them with the words.."Hello Bruce. Remember Us? Because we remember... everything."

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