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Jio starts off as a boy with great talent. He has a great relatioship with friends and is kind to them. But he can become greedy and does not often show his emotions. But, he is very skilled and powerful at the same time. Jio in earlier times is in a village with almost no friends. He was later blamed for the death of one of his few friends parents. After this the village wanted nothing to do with him. Thats when a wolf named Zero trained him to become stronger. After his training was done he went to chase his dreams. Later JIo finds another friend named Ruby. Ruby was a girl who was in search of her lost father. So Jio became her paid bodyguard for awhile. But, soon she went broke and so he left her. That is when Ruby is confronted by a man claiming to be satan. But, the real satan inside of Jio easily defeats the man. Jio wakes up and finds Ruby and tells her he will stay with her until she can repay him for saving her life. But, Jio considers her as a friend and someone who actually doesn't mind to be friends with him. As time goes on Jio meets more and more friends. Later, he meets Mr. Wick and Mrs. Basil. The two are very nice to him and Jio considers them like family. Jio adventures on to rock bird where he is defeated by a girl named anna in preliminaries. But, Jio actually got to continue on because the judges found interest in the demon inside of Jio. So later on in Jio's last fight something happens. The satan inside of Jio starts to rise. Thats when Ruby comes in and calms Jio down just in time. Ruby later is tricked and captured or kidnapped by the rock bird leader. SO then Jio becomes angry and runs after her. He then finds Ruby on a wall with the devils pain curse on her. Jio knows he has to save her. So he then defeats the leader who was also a demon but in the proccess satan takes control. Thats when a lazer is shot at satan which makes all souls leave there bodys. But, satan then absorbed Rubys soul but Jio is released. But Ruby stays in Jio to help protect Jio from satan. Later it is shown in a post time skip that Jio is a leader of the cyclops village. He is more responsible and is very smart. During that time he battles Zenom. It also accures that Jio seems to forget about Ball. LIke after a battle that seperated the crew Jio was so happy to find everyone but payed no attention to ball. It is later figured out that Jio doesn't worry about ball because he knows ball is strong and can take care of himself. This shows how much Jio trusts his crew and how much faith he has in them.



Jio is seen with white and black hair. Also, he has one eye this all ties up with the fact that he is a container of satan. IN Jio's village he didn't know why everyone hated him. But, soon to find out satan had been killing everyone. Later Jio first sees satan in his own mind. This is when satan gives him the devils mark. Which is the number 666 all facing different directions forming a triangle on his hand. THis gives him power to absorb spirits. But, this power may give him power but when he uses it it takes away from Jio's soul. As this is happening it is giving Satan more control. Thats when later Jio losses control and satan was frred. But, with a little help satan was imprisoned again. Later it is showing Jio being able to fight satan himself with the help of ruby's jade pendant. WHich later there is more revealed it tells about how all the recipes came from a planet called Eden. When 72 scientists tried to contain all of the power of the universe. Soon they made Shin and others and they had the power to absorb energy in the form of facts and information. SOon the scientists became greedy and wanted all the energy soon absorbing there own planet. These scientists became Satan and wanted all the power for himself. But, two researchers created a program called FREEDOM and this would split satan into two minds in one body. IT happens to be one who is satan who is the evil greedy one while the other is Jio freed which controls the consciousness.



Jio is a skilled swordsman and strong warrior.

He has a boomerang which is very powerful and can change shape due to how much hate someone has in there hearts. And of course he has the power of satan.

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