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Whats is known of Jink Slater.

  • In Bogota, Colombia, 18 DEA agents had Slater's house surrounded, he killed them all.
  • Militant Muslim Mahmud Abbouthalima and Egyptian immigrant Nosaiair and Slater were working on a pipe bomb in close quarters, when something went wrong. The Muslim and Egyptian were killed instantly. Slater's body was never found.
  • In the Colorado Mountains, Slater is being pursued by the FBI. He made a 15ft leap to escape them, and shot the camera man filming the chase.
  • He is a world class Hapkido expert, who has defeated world champion Chan Lai.

Major Story Arcs

Return of the Monster

Slater is hired by Home Base to track down Bruce Banner and bring him into Home Base. Home Base wants him to work with Sandra Verdugo, but Slater objects. It isn't until Sandra sneaks her way into Slater's hotel room that he realizes she has potential and can be an asset.

The pair track Banner to a dinner, and this is where Slater turns on Sandra and shoots her in the forehead. Banner changes into the Hulk and Slater barely escapes.

While tracking Banner, he is approached by two other Home Base operatives, whom he kills and takes their weapons. The weapons turn out to be a Hulk Killing Gun. He track Banner to a cabin where he discovers Sandra is still alive. He tries to kill Sandra and Banner, but Sandra has booby trapped the cabin and blows it up killing Slater.

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