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Jimmy is May's other friend from the Science Club, but only a friend in May's eyes. Jimmy's various attempts to ask May out have been thwarted by his own shyness, May's reluctance to see Jimmy as more than a friend, and Moose's pranks. Moose and Jimmy have almost come to blows several times but May or Coach Thompson have broken it up. Jimmy resents May's interferance. We find out Jimmy is cousins with Zane Yama, J2. He still continues to want to date May Parker, but keeps striking out. He just tries to stay friends with May. However, he keeps finding himself as everyone's best friend now. Which has to make one think how much Jimmy is going to take just being friends with the women in his life. He has recently starting acting strange around May, Brad and Heather lately. It turned out that Jimmy has been seeing Heather behind Brad's back, the two are dating with only May knowing about their relationship. However, word quickly spread and the secret was out. Heather told Brad that she and Jimmy go together because of Brad spending to much time with May. The two then left leaving Brad to think about everything. Jimmy is now in a more open relationship with Heather and turned to working on his own version of a Spider-Girl comic with Wes Collins. The two eventually sold their idea to an underground comic publisher and premiered at the Decon's Den until they were attacked by the Hobgoblin who hoped to lure out the real Spider-Girl. May showed up in her costume and saved Heather Noble from the Hobogoblin and Wes and Jimmy figured they should put the comic back in the file cabinet until Heather told them to continue on with the series.    

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