LBCC 2010: Jimmy Palmiotti Interview

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Oh, that's a nice video.

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awesome interview! loved the Jonah Hex movie insinuation at the end :P

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@aztek the lost said:
" awesome interview! loved the Jonah Hex movie insinuation at the end :P "
yeah that was great, it makes me wonder how involved he was in the film or maybe I should say how much the film makers valued his input. I know hindsight is 20/20 and all but it would have been great if they took Jonah Hex as seriously as they seem to be taking Green Lantern.
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Love Palmiotti! He looks like a great fun guy!
Loved his inking (was it?) on Punisher 2099 back then and love most of his current projects with Justin Gray! Specially Jonah Hex which I've been following since it's launch day!

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Is Time Bomb an ongoing series or just a mini?
#6 Posted by G-Man (39200 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Impersonator: It's a three issue mini. But they're not regular sized issues. If you can't find it at your LCS, get it from comiXology. It's a bargain.

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