C2E2: Jimmy Palmiotti Talks Jonah Hex, Batwing, Injustice and More

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Jimmy Palmiotti is hilarious! Is there a new person working at comic vine or is that the infamous Gregg I've heard so much about?

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@feargalr: That's Jen 'MissJ' Aprahamian. She just started this week helping out with reviews and will be doing some feature articles.

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@feargalr said:

Jimmy Palmiotti is hilarious! Is there a new person working at comic vine or is that the infamous Gregg I've heard so much about?

an intern maybe?

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I friggin loved this month's issues of All Star Western. I Enjoy reading Booster Gold in just about anything but working along side of Hex is going to be hilarious I think

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What? Booster Gold is in this month's All-Star Western and then Jonah gets trapped in modern day in future issues? Sounds great!

Palmiotti's cool!

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@ganthetsward20: Me too!!! I have been loving All star western from the beggining but this issue was awesome. Love Booster

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Wow, she is a delicious specimen!

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@feargalr said:

Jimmy Palmiotti is hilarious! Is there a new person working at comic vine or is that the infamous Gregg I've heard so much about?


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I honestly believe they would have canceled Batwing if Jimmy Palmiotti didn't do what he did in issue 19. Good move.

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@twentyfive: Yeah well in the process they completely undermined the character that was David Zavimbe. He would never just quit. Yeah for him to say he never felt he belonged is a move that really angered me. I like Jimmy, but I had dropped All Star Western back in October & I really don't know if I can support this bull crap Batwing. I know everyone likes the new suit. I prefer the original. If you didn't read Batwing before like most pick it up.

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@hempknight757: Oh I did. I'm glad you were a fan of the old Batwing. I am too. But sometimes... and it indeed is hard for me to say this, but sometimes, there needs to be a radical change to save a book. Look at the entire GL corner of the DCU, those solicits pretty much told me that this book was about to get canceled. I'm glad This new team saved the book, for the time being.

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Booster Gold as a Sheriff in 1800s? Ill check it out. Always been a fan of Palmiotti.

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after reading Batwing #19, I am definitely excited about the new direction.

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sheriff booster!

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Uh oh, Sara has some competition with all the easily lovestruck on this site.

On topic, All-Star Western is the single most consistent book of the New 52. Great stories and great art and no filler or "fill-in" issues. Palmiotti, Gray and Moritat deliver every month and the backups are great as well. What a great book.

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Saw Jen and Tony yesterday at C2E2. Nice girl. Wish her well and look forward to reading her reviews.

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Really happy to have Jen on board.

Booster doesn't get near enough love.

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I need the first All-Star Western trade.

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@g_man: Huge fan of what she's been doing so far and just seems like an all-around very cool lady.

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More of Jen please. Maybe have her in a podcast sometime :)

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More of Ms. J! She handled that interview wonderfully with Palmiotti, whom I have enjoyed from time immemorial. The man writes Jonah Hex like Jim Morrison handled poetry. Great stuff!

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definitely more Jen! I think I may be in love

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Nice guy, even though I personally dislike the changes made to Batwing I'm sure he will deliver a fun book for new readers.

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