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Jimmy Kudo (also known as Shinichi Kudo in Japanese) has always been into solving mysteries. His father was a mystery writer and his mother a famous actress for mystery movies. He literally grew up around mysteries. He solved his first case on a plane with his best friend Ran Mouri (Rachel Moore in the American version). Since then, he has solved numerous cases and has become a famous high school detective in Japan.

Where the story all begins

After taking Ran to the amusement park known as Tropical Land, he solved a murder that occured while he was on a rollercoaster with her. He follows two suspicious men that later turn out to be part of a secret organization of crime known as the Black Organization. He sees one of them making an illegal gun smuggling sale with an very wealthy person. His partner hits him upside the head and knocks him out, then forces him to take an experimental poison to kill him. The drug doesn't kill him, but instead transformed him into a little child. Frightened, he runs to a professor who lives with him named Professor Agasa. Agasa at first doesn't believe the story until Jimmy performs one of his famous deductions. Agasa is stunned and they discuss what has happened in the library of Jimmy's house. Jimmy asks Agasa to give him something to undo the drug's affects and turn him back to normal. Unfortunately, Agasa needs a sample of the drug in order to make an antidote. Ran then stops by looking for Jimmy and Jimmy quickly puts on a pair of glasses (after popping out the lenses) to hide his face. She finds him and is unaware that he is really

Jimmy is Conan

Jimmy. When she asks for his name, he creates the name Edogawa Conan. She buys it and Agasa asks her to watch over him as him since his lab is to dangerous for a child. Jimmy freaks out and asks Agasa in a whisper why he has to go and live with her. Agasa say that if he can get her father, Mouri Kogorou (Richard Moore in the American version) famous, then he might get cases that involve the Black Organization. He agrees and his adventures as Edogawa Conan begins.


Jimmy has developed many friendships as Edogawa Conan. One of them was a fellow high school detective who used to consider Jimmy a rival. His name is Heiji Hattori (Harley Hartwell in the American version). He has also

Jimmy Kudo (as Conan) and his friends

gained a few friends from his school. Their names are Ayumi Yoshida, Genta Kojima, and Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya. The last friend he has made recently is Haibara Ai who like Jimmy was shrunken by the drug and was formerly part of the Black Organization under the codename "Sherry". He also has friends in the FBI who are trying to stop the Black Organization. Those people are Jodie Starling, Shuichi Akai, and James Black.


Whenever Jimmy switches between Edogawa Conan and himself, he feels gains a fever and he begins to emit steam. He then feels an emense amount of pain in which the transformation is made and his transformation is complete. His first transformation back to Jimmy Kudo is caused by an alcoholic beverage that Hattori Heiji made him drink earlier. His later transformations are caused by a prototype antidote made by Haibara. The prototype can give him at most a 24 hour period of being Jimmy Kudo. If he takes the antidote continuously, then its effects are halved with each dose.

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