Should Jimmy have a solo book?

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When it comes to Wolverine's kids here's what I've come to think of them, Daken is okay but he doesn't do it for me. I love X-23 but hate that she's constantly getting the short end of the stick (cancel her book after 21 issues and then move her to Avengers Academy which so far has failed to hold my interest), and Amiko Kobayashi for all her potential it seems to me that Wolverine writers tend to forget she exists. Jimmy ranks among them as being underrated if you ask me. Like Amiko he has a ton of potential but what's holding him back is that so far he hasn't really gotten to do anything impressive or cool but seeing as how he's a main character in the Ultimate X-Men book currently, there's really not much excuse to ignore him. Now given the tie ins to the Divided We Fall/ United We Stand event you can argue it was narrative necessity, but even before that, the stuff Jimmy was doing wasn't all that cool. I mean yeah I loved his acts of heroism with his little prisonbreak from the Purifiers, but Kitty got the better moments when she killed Stryker and saved everyone from the Nimrod attack (which doesn't bug me just putting that out). Now say Jimmy was given a solo book, we could really get to know him and he could really show what he can do. I'm asking this because I really want to like Jimmy, think he has a ton of potential, and honestly think if Marvel did enough with him he could be as great as X-23, and considering he's actually a good son and doesn't have the childhood from hell Daken and Laura got, he's also quite refreshing. So should Marvel give Jimmy a solo book? I certainly think so

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@bsmith1190: I'm not really feeling an ongoing. Definitely a miniseries at the least though. We are getting one next year in time for the new Wolverine movie, but that looks to focus on Wolverine and Jimmy sharing the spotlight. I would love to do a mini or a maxi-series surrounding Jimmy doing his own thing. I hope Cullen Bunn will be able to do Jimmy justice rather than just making him into Wolverine. It would be so easy to wrap up a mini-series with Jimmy learning everything about his past and how he came to be and then have him walk towards the panel and say, "He used to be the best there is... Now I am. I am the Wolverine."

I know that this is a fairly new character and he hasn't really had much time to shine as a character but that would really feel out of character to me. Jimmy is his father's son, sure. But Wolverine was not his father. "The Guardian" was his father and he raised him to be a better man than a senseless rage monster. Jimmy is impressed by Wolverine, but does not want to be him. That's my take on the character at least.

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@blur1528: That's a good position you're taking, I never thought about that and you raise some really good points. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that thinks Jimmy deserves his due

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I'd love to see more about Jimmy, a miniseries might actually be cool!

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@bsmith1190: Thanks. If you want to hear more of my thoughts on the character, I'll detail them out in a blog.

@TheCrowbar: Wish granted! Coming this March!!!

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@blur1528: I'd love to read it

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@bsmith1190: Blog is away :)

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He will be the new wolverine of ultimate universe so eventually he will get a solo series I think

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@Xorion: I disagree with Jimmy taking the name or mantle of Wolverine. Plus, he's not as big as Logan was. I like the idea of him taking the name of a smaller wild cat and one closer to his region of Florida.

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