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Major Story Arcs

The Kilgore Monster

The tiny island of Kilgore off the Scottish coastline was a simple and peaceful fishing village until the day that a monstrous creature began terrorizing the seas and devouring any and all fish in the area.

Jim the lookout.

With a veritable fleet of fellow fisherman by his side, fisherman Sean Campbell sailed to the monster's last known location in order to hunt it down. Dumping a load of fish to act as bait, the fishermen didn't have to wait long for a response, as Jim soon spotted the telltale bubbles of the beast surfacing. As soon as the monster showed its face, Campbell readied his explosive harpoon gun, but another fishermen captain panicked and took the first shot with a regular harpoon, wounding the monster and causing it to thrash about wildly and take down the ship that had fired at it. For hours after, the monster swam above and below the surface of the sea, continually dodging the ships' spears and harpoons. Just as they were about to try and retreat for the night, Campbell readied his explosive harpoon and fired at the monster, scoring a direct hit. The beast flailed about wildly in its death throes, and in its final leap, Jim pointed out the island of Kilgore getting torn apart as it turned out that the island had been built on the enormous monster's back. With its death, the Kilgore Monster and the village of Kilgore sank into the depths of the sea, never to be seen again. Only a handful of villagers managed to survive the cataclysm, among them being Jim and the rest of Campbell's crew.

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