Jim McCann's Marvel Exit

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If you've ever been to a Marvel panel at a convention then you know Jim McCann... (He's the guy conducting the panels)
Jim McCann debuted as a writer not too long ago writing, one of my favorite titles (something I think I've emphasized here on the site), New Avengers: The Reunion spotlighting Clint Barton and Mockingbird. This month we'll get to see his one-shot for his favorite character, Dazzler. Added to that This summer Clint and Bobbi's spotlight will be retaken again he writes and on-going series for Hawkeye and Mockingbird.
Well now you must be wondering what the title then means? If he's doing all this for Marvel then why is he taking the exit?

  For six years now McCann has been Assistant Manager, Marketing Communications at Marvel Comics but this Thursday 5/6 will be his last day as part of the Marvel Staff so he can focus on his writing not just for Marvel but also writing his creator own project: The Return of Dapper Man.
The Beat interviewed Jim on this particular topic, and this is what Jim McCann had to say when asked how felt looking back on his six years at Marve he answered: 

It feels like it was all a dream. I mean, seriously, did I actually quit my job and sell my house in Nashville, TN, and move to New York on the HOPE that I would land a job at Marvel? Much less, I actually DID land a job at Marvel? And now I’m LEAVING my job at Marvel to pray I land on my feet as a writer…writing MARVEL comics (and creator-owned books—you can take the boy outta marketing, as the modified saying goes…that I just modified)?!?!?

I've had the honor to have met Jim McCann in person once or twice, so from a first person's perspective, I can easily say that Jim McCann is a nice, cool person and I am excited for his future in comics. 
Jim is now working on his creator own project: The Return of Dapper Man along with Janet Lee ( CV Interview), and I know it will be awesome just like the rest of his work.
So all I can say now is: Congratulations Jim and best wishes now pursuing your writing career.

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