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I am sure this has been discussed in some detail over the years.
After recently watching an iFanboy episode about Jim Lee, I was completely blown away. The man is a legend. And some of his Artwork is just amazing. 
Female characters are always super sexy and the Male characters are always huge and muscular. 
This is some images that I have collected from Google:

 Superman looks possessed in this sketch and Wonder Woman is just WOW.

 One of my favourite raw sketches

 Superman and Batman just look awesome

 I love his version of Hulk

 Joker looks so scary in this. Those eyes give me the creeps.

 Colossus is exactly that. Colossal.

 This series is probably Jim's most loved work. X-men

 I love this sketch of X-Men. See what I mean about Super Sexy Females

 I love the tag at the bottom. Return to Jim Lee.
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I also Love Jim Lee's art! 
I Youtube his work all the time...  
It inspires me. =)
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I love Jim Lee, but my reasoning isn't cheesecake and musculature.

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This guy is phenomenal! 

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I love his Catwoman.
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He is more well-known for his X-men run. Wildcats was also another big project for him.      
Basically anything this guy touches, sells really well. Most fans buy his stuff not for the story but for his art and his covers.     
I don't only like him for his sexy artwork, he is an amazing artist. His work is what made me get back into comics.      
I will upload some more of his stuff later.    

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He's not bad.

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He frustrates me so much, because I love his art work EXCEPT his Joker.
He does such great stuff with everyone else. And yes, The joker's eyes look perfect and scary. But the witchie-poo goblin nose and chin are just so ridiculous and Looney Toon looking. I dislike it in and of itself, but when you place Lee's Joker in with the other character that are drawn so magnificently, it really looks ridiculous. Lee's Joker looks more like he should be menacing Bugs Bunny in that world rather than Batman in Gotham

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Man his Work is Amazing. I have always loved it everytime i see it.

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He has a good Superman.
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@TheJokerha: His Joker does look weird, but isn't the Joker supposed to have a slightly deformed face? Just a question?
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@VprVnmSRT10:  Well, Joker's deformity was the chemicals giving him white skin and green hair, didn't affect his facial strutures. In recent years they sometimes give him the scars from being shot. At other times he has the scars from The Dark Knight.  But nothing about him would result in that nose so long it goes past his chin in some drawings and the chin itself being so elongated and skinny. 
In the DCU online game, a lot of fans protested when they found out it would be based on Lee's art because of his version of The Joker. So when the game came out the "goblin from the movie Legend"  look was toned down a bit.  He still looks a bit pinched and stretched but not as bad. I am hoping he tones it down a bit more.
But it wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't love every other character he draws. Then he gets to my favorite character of all time from any media and draws him like a character in Poke-mon.
I always thought a young Peter O' Toole had the perfect facial structure for the Joker. He also performed crazy extremely well.
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His work is great.

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@TheJokerha: thats makes more sense now. I am in no way an expert on Joker. Did you like the Joker in the Arkham Asylum Game? And Heath Ledgers Joker?
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@VprVnmSRT10:  Yes, I really liked both interpretations of Joker in Arkham and The Dark Knight. He has been around for decades and had many different creators work on him.  Over the years he picks up traits and then drops them again. The Arkham version was a real nice combination of various Jokers past.  And Heath Ledger's was a fantastic blend of traditional Joker and Nolan's gritty, more realistic world.
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jim lee is my fav artist and has been for a long time.  it goes beyond sexy women and muscles tho lol.  i wanna get tha rest of his x-men #1 covers signed by him and have them framed together, side by side.

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It is a shame that Jim Lee would rather play comic mogul than perfect his art on a timely monthly basis. Really wanted to see the end of All Star Batman and Robin. Ah well.

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@kimeraevet: I am excite to see what he does with the DC Stuff. I love some of his new re-designs. His Batman looks good, Wonder Woman looks amazing. I dont like any of the Supers. Superman, Superboy and Supergirl.

I am a huge fan, I have his ICONS book. When you read through that book and see some of his pencils it is stunning. Sometimes the colour versions dont do it justice.

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