What happened to Jim Hammond ?

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I only heard about this guy a year ago beleve it or not. But I herd he was remade into the Vision ?

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No. Jim Hammond is an android created by Professor Horton. As he is an android there were spare parts and a mold for his body laying around and Ultron used them when creating The Vision. There was a story arc back during West Coast Avengers era where Vision thought that he might be a rebuilt version of The Original Human Torch, but it was debunked by Horton himself in canon. It was also debunked by Wanda doing some kind of magical hotwire job on him to bring Jim back to life after he had been deactivated in a makeshift grave in the Nevada desert for years. Jim joined the West Coast Avengers for a while, ended up faking his own death, then later died saving the world in The New Invaders. His body was stolen and had to be reclaimed by Namor, the Sub-Mariner, and Captain America (who was Bucky Barnes at the time). After that he finally received a honorable funeral (because before that the government was keeping his body on ice and faked a funeral for him--again).

A while later, during the Marvel-Dynamite mini, The Torch, his body was dug up on the orders of The Mad Thinker so that he could repair the damage and then use a formula he had created to control Jim's body. Jim was saved by his old partner/adopted son Toro/Tom Raymond and had to relearn a lot of the human emotions/reactions he had gained over the years. More recently he helped Captain America (Steve Rogers) on a case dealing dealing with some of his history from post WWII in Captain America and Bucky and then joined the Secret Avengers, only to sacrifice himself during a mission to save the team. From last I knew he was trapped in a stasis tube in S.A. HQ while they try to find a way to repair his body (not an easy thing to do considering on Horton truly knew what he was doing), but I could have missed something in the last few months.

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