A legend could return

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I remeber how excited i was when Avengers West coast #50 came out w/ the return of the Torch and throught he years  I have enjoyed the issues that he popped in even the lows when he supposidly lost his powers.  But his death in new invaders is unconvincing and shallow.  Since he survived worse like a detonation of a hydrogen bomb and I'm hoping with the Avengers/Invaders mini that Marvel returns the Torch /and Toro or just one, but both would be better to current continuity.  The Torch will return that I have no doubt, just when?

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I hope it's soon! I personally enjoy him.

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preferrably soon he's one of the good old school characters

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A VIsion/Human Torch team up would be good.

Maybe the could give the New vision an encounter with him and see if he aproves.

It could be the opening to the return of the old vision. A good book idea.

Sorry about the babble, my fan boy talking XD.
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Hopefullyhe comes back

he's way better than johnny storm

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