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James Corrigan was created by Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker. He made his debut in Gotham Central #12.


James Corrigan was a corrupt Gotham City cop in the C.S.U. division who frequently stole items from crime scenes to sell to collectors on the black market. He first comes on scene where he finds the cell phone utilized by the Mad Hatter in his Arkham cell hidden in his toilet. Later during the course of investigating the shooting of the Black Spider by Gotham detective Crispus Allen, he steals the bullet auctioning it on iBid.

Montoya begins her quest to recover the missing bullet to exonerate Chris, heading to Finnigan's, a bar Corrigan frequents where they engage in a argument which culminates with them having a physical altercation which Montoya wins, despite having two broken ribs. She then forces him to reveal that he sold the bullet to a woman who frequently buys super villain memorabilia.

Corrigan begins to drink more heavily while he plots his revenge on detective Montoya, while continuing his underhanded dealings charging five grand to fellow officers involved in corruption to remove evidence. All the while Allen has been investigating Corrigan since learning what Renee did to clear him, which tainted any investigation I.A.D. does into Corrigan.

Upon learning of a betrayal by Bill Kenzie, he sends two officers who capture and torture him before Jim comes in and kills him with a wrench. Later when Allen shows up to meet with his snitch he enters into a gunfight, wounding his adversary before being shot in the back by Corrigan who then shoots Chris multiple times,killing him.

The detectives of the M.C.U. then track down the weapon Corrigan had borrowed from the G.C.P.D. armory to murder Chris, the range master promptly admits to allowing one to be borrowed by Corrigan as a favor when threatened as a accessory for a capital crime.

The M.C.U. then brings in Corrigan and his girlfriend Becky, whose partner tried to kill Chris, for questioning. However due to his alibi with Becky, and having been lied to by the range master who Corrigan had paid off is let go. Following which, Montoya spends the day drinking a bar before leaving, breaking into Corrigan's apartment knocking Becky unconscious before pulling a gun on Corrigan preparing to kill him, before stopping when he begs for his life.

Following this, he spent the next year heavily drinking where Chris in his new role as the Spectre came for vengeance, but ultimately decided against it. However once Corrigan leaves the bar Chris's son Mal appears shooting and killing Corrigan. However later stories contradicted this, by portraying Jacob Allen to be the killer.

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