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Jill Trent was a genius with a number of University degrees in physics, chemistry, optics and other disciplines. Her true passion however was justice, but because she was a woman she could not get the position she wanted with the police, FBI, or any of the large detective agencies, so, with her friend from collage Daisy Smythe, she opened her own unique business calling it Science Sleuths.

Jill then combined her scientific knowledge and natural detective skills, and Daisy’s expertise in judo and firearms to gain a quick and impressive record for the team.

Some of Jill’s inventions included a device that could monitor the atmosphere in the city were they worked making it possible to tell when and where dangerous gases were being used, a pair of glasses that worked as a super magnifier and even low level X-ray, something that looked like a fountain pen that fired a concentrated beam of electromagnetism that looked and acted suspiciously like a laser, two years before the concept of lasers was even put on paper in the 50s! Along with many other remarkable devices.

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