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The legacy of the battlemage Jezebelle is about to be reborn today, in high-school senior Harper Harrison — whether Harper likes it or not!

Meet Harper Harrison, high-school senior — smart, pretty, popular. On paper she's got it all, and life is good. But beneath the surface, this homecoming queen is racked with guilt over the suicide of her ex-boyfriend — a tragedy that might have been averted had she not been so selfish and cheated on him so often. Though she never appreciated him while they were together, Harper would give just about anything to have him back now. But would she go so far as to make a deal with the devil?

That answer is revealed in JEZEBELLE, a 6-issue miniseries from WildStorm Productions written by Ben Raab (LEGEND OF THE HAWKMAN, Excalibur) and illustrated by artists Steve Ellis (WILDSTORM THUNDERBOOK) & Mark Irwin (WILDCATS: LADYTRON) that introduces supernatural elements to the WildStorm Universe. The first issue features a cover by Ellis & Armando Durruthy and a special variant cover by John Cassaday (PLANETARY).

In October's "DEVILS NIGHT" annuals, readers were introduced to a new dimension of super-hero horror when the battlemage known as Jezebelle burst onto the scene. The latest in a 300-year-old mystical tradition begun during the Salem Witch Trials, she saved the world by sacrificing her life and preventing her archnemesis — the demon Ghoulgotha — from stealing every living soul on the planet. But her sacrifice was not in vain as this sacred tradition lives on in Harper, and the saga of Jezebelle continues — whether Harper wants it to or not.







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