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After a kidnap attempt by The Fiend With Nine Eyes, Bruce Wayne began beating on him in the dark. Jezebel caught the end of the fight just as the bat-signal could be seen outside the window. She put two and two together and exclaimed that she now knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Currently during the story arc "Batman R.I.P" it has been said the Jezebel is a member of the Black Glove. An evil team wanting to murder the "Gotham Knight". She eventually came very close at dating Bruce Wayne, and eventually she was seen with Dr. Hurt, and trying to kill Batman. However, Batman fought back and won the battle. Talia Al Ghul wanted to keep Bruce's identity safe, so she sent her League Of Assassins to kill Jezebel Jet. The League of Assassins had Man-Bat formula flowing through their veins and destroyed her plane, it was unknown if she lived or died at the time. However, her disembodied head was found by Bruce when fighting Leviathan.

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