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James Scott warned his friend Bryn Erin about the coming witchhunt. He knew she was targeted by the townspeople as one of the witches. Before James could return to get his sister Mary, who was also targeted, Bryn asked him if he would do something for her. She had borrowed a vial from the main witch Lilith. In it was the supposed sap from the first tree on Earth. A sip from it would mean they became immortal. Sceptic about it, James wanted to leave, but was hit by a stray bullet from the militia. Fearing she would lose him, Bryn forced James to take a sip.

Five generations later, James Scott inhabits the body of Clara James Adams, also known as Jet, who is a bass player in a local band and the best friend of Rachel Beck, who happens to house the spirit of Bryn Erin.

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