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Marc and Jodi

Jet is the daughter of Mark Slayton and a Japanese woman named Lynn Morinaka. After her birth, Lynn and Jodi fled for fear I.O. would take Jodi from her, due to her father's powers. Sadly, he was unable to save her son, who would grow as a child of Kaizen Gamorra. She was raised never meeting her father and him never knowing she was even alive. When her mother died and Jodi was 16, she felt it was time to track down her father. After finding her father, she discovered she had indeed inherited her father's superhuman agility and was even faster than him. She chose to become the superhero Crimson, although Backlash would often protest for her safety.

Major Story Arcs

Jodi in Wildcats

Jodi would eventually meet her brother Aries on Gamorra island, but he was never aware of the two being siblings. After her father became a part of Department PSI, he sent her away to boarding school as a means to keep her out of harm's way. However, it would turn out the school wasn't so safe and she came back home. After Backlash joined Wildcore, Jodi would tag along on adventures as an unofficial member, even taking Styrian as her lover. However, after his death, she left superheroics to attend the Bay Area University in San Francisco. However, she would soon dawn the identity of Jet to battle criminals along side her new lover, Robert Stubbs of the Special Crime Forces. Together, they battled characters like Mr. Meaner, Rhyme & Reason and Timewaster. She even helped with the prison escape from Purgatory Max, where many of her Wildcore teammates lost their lives. She now uses the Backlash codename as her own and has begun to work with Nemesis's new Wild.C.A.T.s team

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman agility and speed and an innate combat skill. She was trained by her mother in martial arts at age five and tends to use shuriken in combat and now employs a kusari-gama, a weapon with a scythe and ball and chain at the end in combat.

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