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Jet Morgan is a British space exploration pioneer.


Andrew "Jet" Morgan debuted in the radio programme Journey into Space, created by Charles Chilton.

On 14th February 1956, the Junior Express sought permission to produce a Jet Morgan comic strip, which began in Express Weekly #84 on 28th April 1956.

Character History

The son of rocket research scientist Sir William Morgan, Andrew "Jet" Morgan led the first Moon landing mission in 1965, accompanied by his crew Doc Matthews, Stephen "Mitch" Mitchell and Lemuel "Lemmy" Barnett. After landing, the crew encountered UFOs, who flung the ship back in time, so that it landed on prehistoric Earth. One of the UFO's eventually helps them return to their own time, wiping their memories of the event, but carelessly overlooking Doc's diary. In 1971 Jet led his crew on the first mission to Mars, where they ran afoul of mind-controlling Martians and learned Mars had plans to invade Earth in 15 years time. Escaping, they returned to Earth, but with evidence of extra-terrestrials reaching Earth, planned to return to Mars via the lunar staging post. The Moon base proved to have already fallen under Martian influence, but the invaders proved to a single Martian, the last survivor of his race, who was persuaded to abandon his plans, and set off to find a new world to colonise with the assistance of some of the Moon base's personnel, who volunteered to go with him even after he released their minds. In 1976 Jet and his crew inadvertently found their way to this new colony world, and when they returned to Earth they found Britain they found it apparently deserted. After solving that mystery, the crew travelled to a parallel Earth.

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