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Jet-Ace Logan is a mid-21st century interstellar RAF pilot, who, alongside his co-pilot "Plum-Duff" Charteris, patrol the byways of space stopping rogue aliens, pirates, smugglers and other criminals on behalf of the Solar Police and defending mankind in general.


Jet-Ace Logan first appeared in 1956 in J.B. Allen / Amalgamated Press' Comet, and moved to Tiger when that title merged with Comet in 1959, continuing to appear there until 1968. He also appeared in several issues of Thriller Detective Library, starting with 1961's #383.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier identifies Jet-Ace as the brother of Mick Anglo's Captain Universe and reveals he is working (in the 1950s, when his original stories were published, but not when they were set) as part of the British Space Program alongside Professor Bernard Quatermass and Captains Dan Dare and Andrew "Jet" Morgan.

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