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She's Ticked Off

Jessica Mime is a villain who first appeared in Ant Volume 2 # . She is a villain who coincidentally kidnapped, Stephen Richards, the who Ant was searching for so she could learn about her past. She kidnaps Gadget Man, Stephen Richards, because she intends to force him to create new and improve gadgets that her team can use to take over the city. Jessica and Ant engaged in battle three different times. During the last encounter, Hannah(Ant) woke up from what appeared to be a hallucination and as a result attacked an innocent, and apparently non-villainous Jessica Mime. It was later revealed that the encounters with Ant did occur and were wiped from her mind by the real Stephen Richards


She has the general attitude of any generic villain. Disregard for life, evil schemes, and plans to take over the world. She is also the most blatantly insecure characters, which borders on psychosis. The only reason she kidnaps Stephen Richards is because everyone says and believes her team's a joke and she's tired of people saying so. She's also what only could be described as a comic book version of an Unreliable Narrator. One minute she's a joke, the next she's has the city in the palm of her hand. Delusions of grandeur aside, she's a rather comical and professional villain.


Jessica Mime is able to create Energy constructs. Whatever she "mimes" comes out in full force from her gloves. It's not stated whether it's a natural power or a gadget. But it's implied to be a natural power.


Jessica's Gun Constructs

Though never depicted in the comic, Jessica Mime is an agent of the Secret Government team, Omega One. Along with her Coldburn, that makes Jessica Ant's ally and enemy simultaneously. Because at any time they may be required to team up. this results in a very special relationship between the two.

However, as a villian she was the head of her own gang called the Sidewalk Theathre.

They are all mime based criminals who use powers, and gagdets to commit crimes.

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