Twilight Screenwriter works on Marvel TV Show: AKA Jessica Jones

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Recently, Robert Iger ( Chief Executive of Walt Disney Co.) told The Wall Street Journal they were "developing three live-action (Marvel) series". Unofficial announcements already fit a Hulk live-action TV series (in development with the help of future Haunted Mansion director Guillermo del Toro) for ABC and a Cloak and Dagger TV interpretation for ABC Family into two of the three slots. Disagreeing with the Heroes for Hire TV series speculation that has been going around, Variety announced that Melissa Rosenberg -screenwriter behind the "sparkly vampire" franchise that is Twilight- is working on brining one of Marvel's edgiest female superheroes to the small screen: Jessica Jones (Jewel). 
Jessica Jones is best know for her MAX series Alias in which Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos introduced her to the Marvel Universe starting her own private detective agency. Although her present status as wife and mother might not be the most exciting source for the show, her past contains potential stories that can be expanded greatly for an enjoyable television experience. Also, this could be the perfect setting to introduce other well known Marvel characters like Luke Cage.
According to Variety, Rosenberg will be working with the series' executive producers Jeph LoebJoe QuesadaAlan Fine and Howard Klein. Bendis will also be a consultant for the show.

"Insiders said Rosenberg was drawn to Jessica Jones because the character is unlike most female leading roles on network TV: deeply flawed but with a biting sense of humor."

 I wonder if her purple hair will make it into the show?
It seems as though the Marvel and Disney partnership is bringing great things for the company especially since Marvel's animation division is behind the Super Hero Squad, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and will soon be releasing Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. Also, according to the same article by Variety

"Disney Channel execs recently said they hope to create a Marvel-branded programming block on Disney go by 2012."

AKA Jessica Jones, which will be the title for the series, is still in it's planning stage which means that until there is an official word from eitherMarvel, ABC or Disney themselves everything is subjected to change at any moment.   
Hulk, Cloak and Dagger and Jessica Jones, what do you think of the future live-action Marvel TV series line-up?
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When I read about this, I actually thought 'Why're they changing the name? Alias is much better'... D'uh, yeah. There's that other Alias :p

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Why JJ and not someone more well known? I'm all up for lesser known characters getting attention especially in other media, but from a finacial point of view, this doesn't make any sense? Unless it's really awesome, has other marvel heroes in it, has good writers/producers/effects and gets lots of promotion, I don't really see it lasting long before it gets cancelled, imo :/

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I don't have a problem with Jessica getting a little attention (chances are it means a background cameo for her & a certain Mr Cage in the Avengers movie).  I just find it an odd source of material to adapt.  Alias was controversial when it was first published... No-one would have expected Disney to adapt a Marvel MAX title.

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Jessica Jones is one of my favourite characters, and Alias was flawless in so many ways, in my own opinion, it was Bendis' best project ever. It was gritty, dark but captivating. Jones was a true hero, with a background and personality that really made me relate to her. I'm very happy to see this being adapted. Jessica needs to be more reknown.

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@Baddamdog: If you think about it it makes sense that Jessica is getting her TV show. Her powers are easy to rig with practical effects and there wouldn't be a high cost in special effects. Her background combines everything from a murder mystery novel to sort-of soap opera moments, which means that a show about her is perfect for TV.
@xerox-kitty: I'm sure Disney will make sure to leave all the MAX parts out of the series, but I am interested to know if the TV series that Disney and Marvel are putting so much effort in making will have a tie into the Marvel Movie Universe... Marvel is already doing the never-done-before by doing crossovers between movies, they can push that even further by doing a crossover between movies and TV series.
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Interesting choice. I see a lot of potentials in this.

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@sora_thekey: But that's what has me the most curious about this.  If Disney edit out all of the controversial elements, then their viewers will be shocked when they go to read the source material.  On the other hand... which channel would they broadcast a MAX style show, if they don't water it down??
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@xerox-kitty: HBO? Maybe... Maybe a Rated R movie... Not sure, but watered down or not there's always the Disclaimer: "Viewer Discretion is Advised"
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@xerox-kitty: In all fairness, was the content in Alias really that bad? I understand that of course, there was a lot of swearing, and even in the earlier issues, we had some rather dark issues (Especially during the missing girl arc, title escapes me...) Admittedly, The Purple Man arc would be a rather sensative subject, but with shows like Dexter getting along fine, I don't imagine that anything in Alias, (Providing that they adapt from the comic) would be overly traumatic. 
In my opinion, it really depends on how they go with this. I think that just because its a Comic, doesn't mean it has to be watered down for the kids. After all, for most of Jessica's time in print, she hasn't been a superhero. She's been a gritty detective who got wrapped up in some nasty stuff, on a regular basis. Overall I'd just suggest a disclaimer, and a later time slot.
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i can't wait to watch it should be very interesting to see how they portray jessica jones. 
i love Alias vol. 1 
i vote for eliza dushku to play  jessica jones she very pretty can act good and kick-ass at the same time.

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