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Jessica Campbell was just about to to speak to her crush, Peter Parker, before being distracted by the spider bite that gave him his powers. While going home, she and her parents are in their family car when it collided to a military truck that is carrying radioactive chemical. Her parents were killed and Jessica slipped into a coma. She was then adopted by the Jones family and she woke up from her coma during the time of the coming of Galactus to Earth to feast on the planet. She was enrolled back to Midtown High School, where she was at the receiving end of bullying by Flash Thompson.

Peter felt empathy towards Jessica as he grew up without his true parents, but Jessica lashed out to him because she thought that he was pitying her. It was at this time that the exposure from the radioactive chemicals gave her powers. As the superhero Jewel she had a brief career thwarting crime. During one of her adventures, she ran into the mind controlling Purple Man. He took control of her life and used her in many unpleasant ways. He eventually tried to use her to kill Daredevil, but instead she attacked the first person she saw in a red costume, which happened to be the Scarlet Witch. After a fight with the Avengers they helped to free her of the mind control, and even offered her a place on the roster. She declined, quite disturbed by the abuse the Purple Man inflicted upon her.

Saddened by the fact that almost no-one noticed that she had gone missing for eight months, Jessica gave up being a superhero and started the Alias private detective agency working for superheroes and related clients, including Matt Murdock.


Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones was a character created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos to star in a Marvel series called Alias, after Bendis decided that his original idea of using Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) just wouldn't work for continuity and storytelling reasons. As such, Jones made her debut appearance in Alias #1 in 2001, with a back story that made her something of a retcon character, being shown appearing at the same high school as Peter Parker, and having a crush on him.

Character Evolution

Jessica Jones and some female Avengers

Jessica Jones as a character has had a hard time establishing herself in the Marvel Universe, both in the comic stories themselves, and from a storytelling perspective too. Her creation as a retcon character with few friends in the superhero community is the first part of this problem, but she has gradually worked her way into becoming a mainstream hero. Many of the stories that feature her, depict her struggle with fully taking on the role of a hero, due to her tragic experience with the Purple Man and anxiety over how best to look after her baby daughter. But together with her husband Luke Cage, Jessica is now a central figure in the New Avengers line-up and appears to have finally found a place to call home and a defining role.

Major Story Arcs


Jessica Jones as Knightress

She tried to reinvent herself as the Knightress. She met Luke Cage and Iron Fist, when she helped take down the Owl. She left that alias behind after her first night out in the new costume, when she reveled her identity to the police to get two mafia kids to stay the night at her place until social service took them.


During her time working for Alias, Jessica became pregnant by Luke Cage and briefly dated Scott Lang. Later, she was offered a job working for the Daily Bugle on the superhero column The Pulse. After investigating the appearance of the Young Avengers, she ended up arguing with J. Jonah Jameson over his opinions of costumed heroes and quit before the birth of her child. She and Luke Cage have since married.

Civil War

After Jessica and Luke are confronted by Iron Man and Ms. Marvel to register under the Superhuman Registration Act, they make their intentions clear to defy the new law. Making sure Danielle would be safe, Jessica travels to Canada with her while Luke stays in New York and joins Captain America's "Secret" Avengers.

Secret Invasion

Baby Girl

It has been speculated that Jessica might be a Skrull because her baby lit her eyes with a green flash. After the New Avengers fought and defeated The Hood's Gang, she feared for her safety and her baby and so she goes to see Iron Man to register.

When a Skrull ship crash lands in the Savage Land, the Avengers go out to investigate. What is inside of the ship are what appear to be a number of pre-existing heroes, including Jessica in her Jewel costume. This Jessica is later revealed to be a Skrull, and is killed along with the heroes from the Skrull ship. The real Jessica Jones is present in the final battle between Earth's heroes and villains fighting together against the invading Skrull empire. After the Skrulls lose, the Skrull that masqueraded as Jarvis kidnaps her child and disappears. Luke Cage and Jessica later find their baby with Norman Osborn's help.

Dark Reign

Jessica does not have a large role to play during the events of Dark Reign. She reveals that she used to have a crush on Peter Parker in high school. But when Clint Barton is captured trying to kill Norman Osborn, Jessica calls her mother to babysit so she can don the costume of Jewel once more and rescue him with the help of Spider Woman and Ms. Marvel.

New Avengers

Jessica is seen moving into Avengers Mansion with the new incarnation of the New Avengers, along with her husband and child. Upon arriving at the mansion they are confronted by Victoria Hand wielding a gun. She gives the team a note from Steve Rogers stating that he is moving Victoria in with them to keep an eye on them. Jessica is furious that Victoria aimed a gun at her baby's head.

Luke becomes possessed by a demon when the Eye of Agamotto suddenly drops into his hand. Jessica assists in the fight, giving her baby to Spider-Man to keep safe. She fights the possessed Luke but also tries to reach out to him and make him fight off the demon inside. Eventually the demon is removed from him, and Luke recovers, but the team has bigger problems. The sky opens up and demons begin swarming the city.

Jessica leaves the fight and flies back to Avengers Mansion looking for her child, where she is attacked by demons. She holds her own but in the end is nearly taken down by the swarm. Victoria Hand appears and takes out the rest of the demons. Jessica thanks her and runs into the mansion. She is with the Avengers when Doctor Voodoo sacrifices himself to save the world.

Jessica and Luke go on a date and discuss her role with the Avengers. Luke comes up with the codename Power Woman for her, based on his Power Man name, which she rejects. They are attacked by Doctor Doom who is shown to be a Doombot after being defeated. Later, Jessica announces to the other Avengers that she will become an official member of the team and use the Power Woman alias. She immediately takes this back when Luke shows over-excitement about it. It is unclear if she will use the name or not.

Personal Information

Jessica Jones as a Secret Avenger
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 124 lbs.
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown (Formerly dyed pink)
  • Place of Birth: Possibly Forest Hills, NY
  • Education: High School, Private Investigator's license
  • Occupation: Reporter for the Daily Bugle, consultant for The Pulse. Former owned Alias Private Investigations.
  • Known Relatives: Dave Campbell (Father), Phillip Campbell (Brother), Luke Cage (Husband), Danielle Cage (Daughter).

Powers and Abilities

Jessica Jones flying

As a result of the chemical spill, Jessica Jones possesses superhuman strength and resistance to injury and the ability to fly at sub-sonic speeds. The exact limits of her strength and durability have not been defined, but she was able to lift a two-ton police car with apparent ease. She was not able to fully withstand a Venom Blast from Jessica Drew nor a severe beating by Iron Man and the Vision.

Jessica was vulnerable to telepathic attack which led to her ordeal at the hands of the Purple Man until mental barriers were put in place by Jean Grey to grant her better resistance.

In addition to her superhuman powers, Jessica is a skilled detective and investigative journalist.

Alternate Versions

House of M

In the House of M reality, Jessica is married to Scott Lang.

Ultimate Jessica Jones

Ultimate Jessica Jones

In the Ultimate Universe, Jessica is a senior studying in the same school as Peter Parker does. She is the executive producer of that school's television network, but becomes jealous of Mary Jane's skills of being a producer.

What If?

In this reality, Jessica accepted Captain America's offer to work for SHIELD. She later found out what was wrong with Scarlet Witch and she was able to avert the events of Avengers Disassembled and House of M. She later married Captain America.

Other Media


AKA Jessica Jones

A.K.A. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones will appear in her own 13-episode Netflix series, portrayed by Krysten Ritter. The series will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Defenders

Ritter will reprise her role for the Defenders, a mini-series crossover featuring Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil.


War of Heroes

War of Heroes

Jessica appears in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [Alias Jewel] Jessica Jones

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes

Jessica Jones is non-playable character in the game. She is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

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