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Jesse Murphy was hold in Level 5 until he broke out with other inmates like:  The German, Flint, Knox, Eric Doyle when Elle had her powers overloaded when Sylar tried to kill her.
Future Petrel Petrelli returned to shoot Nathan in order to stop the exposing of the evolved humans but Peter managed to encounter him so in order to stop him. Future Peter inserted Peter into Jesse's body.  

Peter posing as Jesse broke out from Level 5 and with three other inmates; the german Flint and Knox.  They robbed a bank.  Soon it was revealed by Knox that the plan from the beginning was to get the attention so they can have their revenge on the Company for locking them away for years.  The German wanted out but he was killed by Knox.  Soon after, Noah Benett and his new partner Sylar has arrived to the bank.  Noah got inside alone.  The hostages were let free but Noah had to sacrifice himself for exchange.  Knox found out the 'thing' about Jesse being Peter and wanted to kill him but than Peter manifested his 'scream' ability and knocked Knox and Noah out.  Suddenly the time stopped and future Peter arrived.  He took Peter out from Jesse's body and took him to the future to show him where  the world will be in 4 years.  

Noah woke up and thanked Peter but Jesse claimed that Peter wasn't there anymore and tried to kill Noah.  Sylar interfered and choked Jesse while Knox ran away and Flint was arrested.
Jesse was killed by Sylar.

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