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The Cannon

There are many movies included in the Jersey Chronicles and comics.  The films are Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II.  Although there are many characters who are in the Jersey Chronicles the list below are the ones who have appeared in comic books. 

The Characters

Bob Bluntman, Jay Chronic

Silent Bob Also Known as Bluntman

Silent Bob is played by writer, director and creator of the Jersey Chronicles Kevin Smith.  Silent Bob is aptly named because he rarely says anything and when he does it is quite often deep and profound.  The likeness of the character Silent Bob is transformed by Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards into Bluntman  for their comic book .

Jay Also Known as Chronic  

Jay is the partner in crime of Silent Bob and played by Jay.  Where Silent Bob is quiet, Jay is a harsh, coarse, crude, and obnoxious.They both sell drugs and fireworks outside the Quick Stop and RST Video.  

The likeness of the character Jay is transformed by Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards into Chronic for their comic book. 

 Randal and Dante

Dante Hicks 

Dante is a clerk who mainly works at the Quick Stop in New Jersey.  He is a sad sack character who seem to always get the short end of the stick.   

Randal Graves 

Randal works mainly next door to Dante at the RST Video.  Just like Jay, Randal is the the partner in crime of Dante.  He is also a much more brash and obnoxious than Dante.   Randal however is a little more quick witted than Jay.

Alyssa Jones 

Alyssa is a friend Dante's and others in the Jersey Chronicles.  She was also friends with Julie Dwyer who dated Dante and later died at the YMCA pool.
 The Real Walt


Steve-Dave is an over bearing know it all who runs his own comic shop and has many run ins with other Jersey Chronicles characters especially Randal who tried to put him out of business selling Star Wars action figures.

Walt Grover    

Walt is the sidekick to Steve-Dave.  Walt is the ultimate fanboy and is Steve-Dave's total lackey.  

Over Julie's Coffin

Julie Dwyer 

Julie has never been seen alive in the movies but has appeared in at least one comic in a flash back.  She has also been mentioned in at least three movies.

She dated Dante and later died swimming in the YMCA pool.

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