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Brief History

Jerry is the father of Toby. He was down on his luck, recently divorced and without a job. He and his son where witness to some amazing events in 1985 when comic-book villains entered the 'real' world. At first, only Jerry and his son seemed to be aware of the strange things coming from Clyde Wyncham's house, the house where one of Jerry's childhood-friends used to live. Clyde had been a good friend to Jerry, but there was something strange about him. He seemed to have strange special powers and no way to control them. Clyde's only enjoyment was when he could play with Jerry. However, on one day, Clyde and his mother disappeared, as did their whole mansion. A few days later, the mansion was back, but with no sign of either Clyde or his mother. Nobody ever set foot in the mansion again form that moment on. Unbeknown to them, Clyde still lived in the mansion, and in 1985, caused a rift through reality. This caused supervillains from another reality to come into their reality. The house was now actually a hideout for super-villains. Jerry and his son finally managed to help stop the villains, but at the cost of Jerry's own life. This was however not the end for Jerry, because instead of truly dying, he joined the Marvel heroes and went back to their 'universe', where he now happily lives among the marvels.

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