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Jerry Cornelius in his more original form was a secret agent spy, much like John Drake or James Bond. This spy version of Cornelius was bi-sexual in nature and was considered a hipster.

What makes Jerry Cornelius interesting is that he is one of the first characters to explore metaphysics in literature. Creator Michael Moorcock and other writers later would explore alternate versions of Jerry Cornelius in the multiple universes (or Multiverse).

King Mob and The Invisibles

King Mob

Writer Grant Morrison is famous for being one of main writers to bring literature to comic books. Morrison has always explored metaphysics in comics from series like Animal Man to the hypersigil opus that is The Invisibles.

Jerry Cornelius would make a great inspiration for a character like King Mob (the leader of The Invisibles). Like Jerry, King Mob is a spy who loves sex. It is very possible Morrison created King Mob as a multiverse version of Jerry Cornelius. Ragged Robin of The Invisibles is suppose to be a Hypertime version of Crazy Jane of Doom Patrol, it is very likely Morrison believe all characters are just alternate versions of something else, in one giant blend of Hypetime and Multiverse salad.

The airtight garage of Jerry Cornelius

In this French Scifi-classic, Cornelius is a cosmic being, who originated from Terra. He is an agent of Nagual (a God, possibly Jahveh) and Major Gruberts antagonist (reason why is never explained). He searches for Grubert, so he can fight against him. When he finally finds him, the Garage is in the claws of a crisis, and the two enemies must team up to save it. They do so, and as the result, Cornelius dies.

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