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Major Story Arcs

Everybody Pays!

Jerrold Paige was a wealthy man who enjoyed a frivolous and decadent lifestyle that his wealth granted him. he frequently partied and caroused with woman after woman. One of these women gifted him with a statue of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the nether world, in the hopes of one day marrying Paige. Paige quickly dumped her however, as he had with countless women before. As she left however, she told Paige he would pay for his sins, after which Paige jokingly asked the Osiris statue if he would be the one to punish him.

Later at a party, a drunken Paige once again mocked the statue and poured wine all over it. When Paige fell asleep after the party though, he had strange nightmares involving Osiris. Paige's neighbor, Smythe, came to check on Paige when he heard him cry out in his sleep. Frustrated by the nightmare, Paige sent Smythe away and was about to take his anger out on the Osiris statue when he suddenly dropped to the floor. Luckily, Smythe came back and found Paige on the floor and summoned a physician. Waking up in a hospital, Paige was told he had suffered a stroke and needed to recover. Paige was afraid to sleep though because of the nightmares he suffered, and when he told a nurse he couldn't sleep because of Osiris, the doctors came to believe that he was mentally ill.

Sent to a mental hospital, Paige became increasingly unhinged, until he began to see his attending doctor as Osiris, who stated that the woman had been right, "Everyone must pay!"

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