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Jeremy Logan worked as a night clerk in a cheap hotel in a small town in Florida. One night a guest registered under the name C. Marvel and Logan soon found himself in the middle of a battle between two long feuding alien races.


Jeremy Logan was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan in 1967.

Major Story Arcs

Jeremy Logan was always suspicious of the name one of his guests had used to register at the hotel where he was a night clerk. One day Logan received a call from General "Old Man" Bridges from The Cape military base asking for Walter Lawson. When Logan realised the General meant "C. Marvel", he decided to check things out for himself. Once Mar-Vell had left his room, Logan let himself in to look for clues, thinking Lawson/C. Marvel must be an enemy spy or else why would he use a fake name. Logan found Captain Mar-Vel's carry all cylinder and while trying to pry it open inadvertently set off a timer counting down to a nuclear explosion. Ignorant about the imminent danger, Logan drives off with the case to see General Bridges and inform him Lawson is a fake. Unfortunately for the patriotic clerk, he drives across the path of the Super Skrull. Logan is instantly attacked and finds out both Mar-Vell and the Skrull are aliens before the latter throws him off a mountain ledge. Logan is saved by Captain Mar-Vell only to be knocked unconscious and eventually ending up in hospital.

Logan had fallen into a coma and a few days later is visited by Mar-Vell who uses a Kree memory erasing machine to make him forget about the last seven days. Logan's unlucky streak continues because during Captain Marvel's visit, the hero is attacked by The Metazoid who destroys the entire hospital room. Jeremy Logan eventually makes a full recover and returns to his night shift, none the wiser bout Mar-Vell's true identity.

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