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Brief History

Looking for vengenace on Elektra, who killed his fiancèe a few days before they wedding, Jeremy Locke learned almost all the secret sides of Elektra's life. He was a wealthy and resourceful man so pretty much knew all about her. Eventually he had Philip Carson, a friend and employee of him, kidnapped Elektra and had her brought to his mansion where they showed her what a monster she had become. Heavily drugged, they showed her video images of all the harm she had done to people in her life, including to her own kidnappers. Eventually Elektra was released in the dessert where she would be hunted by other mercenaries. Elektra, however heavily beaten, managed to defeat the mercenaries including Philip Carson and returned to the mansion. She confronted Jeremy Locke, but to both their surprise, did not kill him. She left him alone and told him to never come after her again. She walked away feeling that Jeremy might not be as far off from the truth as she would like. Jeremy however remained a part of Elektra's life the following months and was killed a few months later.

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