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During service in Vietnam Jeremiah Hatch got insane, he began to hear the voice that urged him to do the will of the Lord by serving the Devil. He thought that his mission was “to hasten the corruption, to nurture the foulness until the almighty has no choice but to rain down fire and brimstone and overthrow the cities and the plain and all the inhabitants of cities and all that grows on the ground…”  

Jeremiah Hatch took the Hub City under control by manipulating the Mayor Wesley Fermin to start the ascension to the White House. By order of the Hatch Musto’s family planted a bomb in the children's bus, but the Question was able to stop them. After that, Hatch’s people kidnapped Myra Fermin’s daughter - Jackie. Jeremiah was going to sacrifice Jackie.  He believed that God wants this, as he wanted Abraham’ sacrifice of his son. But Question has managed to rescue her. Question could not bring himself to kill Hatch, but Myra Fermin did it for him.

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