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Jedi Master

Jerec was a Jedi Master during the time of the Clone Wars who had a thirst for knowledge, primarily specializing in archaeology. He even began to delve into unique Force artifacts that went against the Jedi ways. His own master, Jocasta Nu, was the chief librarian in the Jedi Archives before she was killed during Operation: Knightfall - the raid on the Jedi Temple led by Darth Vader. Jerec himself was not on Coruscant nor near Clone Troopers during the assault, and therefore escaped.

Jerec was eventually discovered by Imperial Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne, who offered Jerec a place in the new Empire. Jerec, who was already falling farther and farther from the Jedi, took the offer, becoming a Dark Jedi taking his place as a high ranking member of the Imperial Inquisitorius - a branch of Imperial Intelligence that specialized in the killing or turning of Jedi.

Hunt for the Valley of the Jedi

Jerec decapitating Morgan Katarn

Jerec served the Empire for many years, always working behind the scenes. He was obsessed with discovering the location of the Valley of the Jedi - the legendary nexus of power where hundreds of Jedi and Sith died in the final act battle of the New Sith Wars. The location of this place had been lost to the sands of time, but Jerec believed it existed and desired it for his own power. He found and tortured Morgan Katarn, the father of Kyle Katarn, for the location. But he would not yield. Jerec executed Morgan, putting his head on a pike for all to see on Morgan's home planet.

A year after the fall of the Empire and the death of the Emperor, Jerec remained just as determined as ever. He led his group of Seven Dark Jedi, including his apprentice, Sariss, on his quest for power. In the process, Jerec killed Qu Rahm -

Kyle Katarn, the son of Morgan Katarn, hunted Jerec down. He followed Jerec to the Valley. However, Kyle discovered that Jerec was holding Jan Ors - Kyle's Rebel agent partner and romantic interesting - and was using her to lure Kyle to the Dark Side. Kyle refused Jerec's offer of power. In rage, Jerec brought down the surrounding area, leaving Kyle for dead as he ventured into the Valley. Kyle awakened, striking down Jerec's Dark Jedi one by one. But he wasn't able to stop Jerec from bathing in the Valley's power, approaching a power that - Kyle feared - may have rivaled the Emperor. Kyle, however, was able to defeat him by wrapping him in a barrier made up of the light side of the Force, cutting Jerec off from his power. Kyle was able to strike him down, freeing the spirits within the Valley.

Powers and Abilities

Jerec unleashing a blast of Force energy

Like all Miraluka, Jerec is naturally blind, the black strip covering his eyes. But also like Miraluka, Jerec can naturally "see" through the Force, actually seeing far better than the average being.


Actor Christopher Neame played Jerec in the video game "Star Wars: Jedi knight: Dark Forces II".

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