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 It was thanks to Zor-El that Jeq-Vay survived Krypton's destruction. He was a resident of Argo City, which was spared Krypton's fate by the use of some retrofitted Brainiac technology. But this only delayed Argo City's fate. The city was eventually found by Brainiac and destroyed. Jeq-Vay was among the survivors who were incorporated into the already bottled Kryptonian city of Kandor. It was his advanced training in Sunstone technology that had him deemed worthy of incorporation.
In the Military Guild, he rose to the rank of Aspirant First Class and was assigned to the Red Shard unit. This unit was charged with civic defense, and his role on it was that of their technician due to his advanced technological training.
Red Shard

New Krypton

After Kandor had been freed and relocated to a newly formed planet in the Sol system, Jeq-Vay was suddenly under the command of the man responsible for it all happening. Superman, now simply Commander El, had joined the military and been given command over Red Shard.
Jeq's fear
During a mission to reign in a herd of stampeding Thought-Beasts, Jeq-Vay was revealed to have some kind of trauma or fear about surgery. Because when the Thought-Beasts instinctively drew out his worst fears, he was plagued with visions of a surgeon cutting into him. Commander El managed to pull him out of his delusion to complete the mission.

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