Marvel Entertainment Appoints Jeph Loeb To EVP

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Today Marvel Entertainment has announced that it has appointed Jeph Loeb as Executive Vice President, Head of Television, a newly created division of Marvel Entertainment. Loeb will be working alongside Dan Buckley, Publisher & President of the Print, Animation & Digital Divisions, Marvel Worldwide, Inc. to translate Marvel's characters and stories to the television medium in both live-action and animated formats. Loeb will also oversee the development and distribution of live-action, animated and direct-to-DVD series. 

“I couldn’t be happier to accept this new position at Marvel Entertainment, working with both Dan and Alan to deliver exciting, cutting edge television projects,” said Mr. Loeb. “Marvel continues to break new ground in storytelling in both their comic book and film ventures, so, along with everyone here, I’m excited to bring the same brand of excitement into homes across the globe.”

Loeb has written acclaimed stories featuring every major superhero in comics. He is a multiple-time winner of the prestigious Eisner Award for his writing and has also served as writer/producer on the television series Smallville and Lost; writer/co-executive producer on Heroes; and writer of hit films Commando and Teen Wolf.
Comic Vine congratulates Mr. Loeb on his new position. I cannot wait to see what new projects Marvel will begin putting out now.
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I just want to say that I am personally thrilled over this news. Jeph is a great guy and has done some amazing stuff. The fact that he's worked on so many characters shows that he will excel over this. It's great that both Marvel and DC are putting actual comic book creators in these roles rather than appointing some other random "suit." 
Let's not forget that Jeph digs Comic Vine so maybe we'll get some inside scoops...

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Overall, I'm not entirely thrilled with this.  His best work, for me, was with Batman.  Absolutely hated what he did during the War of the Hulks as it felt like it went against what Greg Pak was building.

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id rather have a random suit. We were doing fine with random suits.
I havent had any problems with anything... but im sure i will.
And PS i LOL when i saw the picture of just his head.
AWWWW you changed it.

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@doordoor123: I've had a problem with great shows like Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men not getting new seasons when us 'fans' have gone on and on about how much we've enjoyed them.
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@G-Man:  I TOTALLY agree with you but i dont think Loeb has any say in that kind of situation. Can Loeb keep a show from getting the boot?
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Urgh, lord. I can't stand any of the writing Loen has done (except The Long Halloween, which is passable only because of Tim Sale's artwork). Can't say I'm particularly happy.

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I am really iffy on this mainly with his recent stories going from the Ultimate Universe to well now. I loved his Batman books and his "color" stories such as Spider-Man Blue. If anything I hope this keeps him off writing for a while and he can do minis with stories he really feels are worth it. I don't think this means he will be writing TV shows, possibly just helping guide them with his experience. 
Good job on the promotion, hope he does a great job with it.

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Next on the CW, Hawkeye! With his girlfriend Mockingbird they must escape the evil clutches of the Circus of Crime. 
Next on the CW, MoonKnight! Haunted by his own fragile psyche, Pursued by a vindictive moon god, and hunted by both the police and the mob, can MoonKnight save our city. 
Congrats to Mr. Loeb. Now lets fill a network with programming and get something like the Punisher or a Nick Fury series on HBO.
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I am cautiously optimistic.   Although I'm not a fan of any of his recent works, having a writer in a top-tier position definitely helps with the creation of quality material in a commercial environment.   
Hopefully he'll take a hands-off approach and let the actual episode writers weave their own tales because otherwise he wouldn't be much different then a "suit".

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I'm a fan.

Maybe not of his Hulk stuff (to be fair, I haven't been much of a fan of ANY Hulk stuff since the great Peter David left the book) or Ultimatum... but  I still consider myself a fan of his. I enjoyed just about everything he did at DC.

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So from now on all Marvel TV property has to feature either rape, cannibalism or Red Hulk.

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Good think. He had made a good work on Smallville and Heroes and I think he will do a good work for "Marvel TV".
Many hate im because of is work on Hulk. I'm think is wrong to belive he will scrap the job for tv. The guy know what is doing.
(Sorry for the spelling from a guy from Qc who try to write in english)

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No nononononononononono.

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Hmm, weird I would think Craig Kyle and Chris Yost would have gotten this job, they have been doing marvel tv and a few of there animated movies as well.
I like the news of live action shows! I wonder if they would stay in the marvel movie universe with the shows, or it be a fully different universe ignoring the movies. I hope They keep it all in one universe. What superheros would be good for a tv show? I know he's part of Fox still but I thought Daredevil would be a cool TV show.

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This is awesome... I mean i admit that I do have some issues with what he has written before, but that doesn't mean he's still not the amazing writer he has always been.
To be honest I am really interested on this part of the news: 

to translate Marvel's characters and stories to the television medium in both live-action and animated formats. 

I wonder if we will finally get that Spider-Man live-action TV series I've... I mean We've always wanted!
Congratulations to Jeph Loeb!
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@Hooligan_Tuesday said:
" So from now on all Marvel TV property has to feature either rape, cannibalism or Red Hulk. "
pretty much.
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@doordoor123: I hated Hush, lol.
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Dude this is great news! Jeph's a great writer and I can't wait to see what he and Marvel bring to TV for us all!!! :D

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The most interesting thing about this is finding out that he wrote Commando. Knowing it was written by a comics guy just makes it that much more amusing.

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Ultimatum was the dumbest thing I had ever read...that is really all I know that he did, I'm not too knowledgeable in the whole writers/artists aspect of comics. 
Who knew Mr. Leob was such an ugly dude....

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AS long as this keeps him from writing im all ofr it only good book he has written at Marvel is Ultimate X . 
Though he was fired form heroes and Lost. Smallville has been run into the ground as well
thigh i hope we get some animated movies like Dc is putting out

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To me, this isn't good news. I've never liked Jeph Loeb's work: Hush was predictable and vanilla mystery story, The Colors books for Marvel are all stories from other better writers just retold with a different perspective, Ultimates 3 was disgusting, Ultimatum was nothing but cheap shock deaths and Red Hulk could've been cool story if didn't contradict with some Hulk's history and stop shoving down our throats that Red Hulk is the Chuck Norris of the Marvel Universe. I could've forgiven all of that if it wasn't for Television writing because anytime he gets on board on TV series the quality and the writing goes downhill. He almost killed Lost for me when he writing the near the second and third season but thats nothing compare to what he did on Heroes. He turned a pretty good TV series into a just into watchable mess. With this track record for writing on TV, I am glad his getting this position. Why is everybody that destroying Marvel, in my honest opinion, is getting more control. Seriously, I'm staring to get bored with Marvel.    

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Whodunnit's for all!
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Loeb has good things in the past but the ugly things he has pooped out for the world to see is the ugliest bastard there is. This guy's work is never on the "okayy" or "bad" side of the spectrum. It's always "Good/Decent", "Excellent" or "Horrible bastard's crap more dangerous than plutonium". Seriously. Hope he goes on the path of good, not some random excrement.

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Jeph Loeb factor in Full Effect

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I was so devastated and disappointed to learn that Spectacular Spider-Man would not be getting a 3rd season (We would've gotten Hobgoblin!) only to be replaced with Ultimate Spider-Man (*yawn*).
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As long as Rulk doesn't fly out of my screen to punch me out I'm fine with this. 
Grats to Leob though, hes a nice guy.
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I can see why he'd get the job because of the amount of tv/movie experience he has, but I hope that his creative influence is kept in check with this position as well. Dude has had some bad ideas in his head that should not have made it onto paper.

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The only good thing Loeb has done IMO is Batman: Hush.

#32 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (19714 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm neither angry nor happy about this, let's see what he does

#33 Posted by The_Martian (36984 posts) - - Show Bio

I really hope we see some sweet cartoons and possibly live-action tv shows in the future.

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@mimschkin:  i hate you for hating Hush. I didnt like Batman before Hush.
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@G-Man: I guess you have blocked out that show called Heroes.  That show was horrible the past few years and he was fired from that show, he was so bad.  Also, Ultimates 3, Ultimatum, Hulk, Fall of the Hulks and World War Hulks was all horrific.  Sure he did great stuff, but that was in the 90s and early 2000s.  He has not done anything great since that time.  I am not at all excited to see what he will do.
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Congrats, Mr. Loeb.

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I've hated Hulk, hated Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum, and I think Heroes became much less terrible after Loeb got fired. Jeph Loeb hasn't done anything good for years. 

I am not pleased with this.

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Well I now know why I love the movie Commando.  Hopefully Loeb can pull Marvel out of this funk that they are in when it comes to films.  Really looking forward to what he is going to bring to the table.

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This really does sound pretty great.
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lol hulks for everyone

#41 Posted by Son_of_Magnus (15258 posts) - - Show Bio

Sweet Jeph Loeb is an awesome writer he just gets a bad wrap because people are sheep 

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I know there are a lot of Loeb haters, but they have probably loved his TV shows without knowing it. 
Personally, I think this is great news.  No-one better to take Marvel into television than Mr Loeb.        

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great more loeb force
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@doordoor123: Lol, SORRY! Now my life-long dream of pleasing you has been pulverised!

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