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1951: There is an egg in a temple in Tibet, worshipped by the people, guarded day and night by Buddhist monks. When the egg is stolen during the Communist invasion, it's up to Jenny Sparks to retrieve it. After all, who knows what — or who — will someday hatch from that egg? 
    Germany, 1943. Jenny is chased on horseback by the Nazis; she is shot and injured. Jenny has something the Nazis want: a Tibetan egg.

1st January, 1913, Vienna. Jenny spends her birthday learning of her parent’s death on the Titanic. Without funds, her education in Vienna is over, but her godfather, Professor Einstein, has offered to educate her in Zurich. Jenny continues her conversation with Mr. Rumpole, and points out her new artist friend, Adolf Hitler.

Germany, 1943. Jenny is forced into the icy waters. Surrounded by Nazis, Jenny is overpowered and the Tibetan egg is removed from her possession. She asks the men if they are aware of who she is. They sneer at her comments, so she electrocutes them all, and states she didn’t think they knew who she was.
Jenny is blindsided by two soldiers, who are aware of her powers.The soliders tranquilise, taking her and the egg prisoner.

Vienna, 1913. The young artist Adolf is trying to sell his paintings in the streets of Vienna, but is met with little success. Jenny approaches him, and the two exchange pleasantries. Jenny points out that maybe he isn’t cut out to be an artist, because he has no artistic talent. Jenny suggests that he try his hand at politics, as he has a strong patriotic streak, and is well-read with excellent communication skills. Jenny takes her leave as Adolf ponders his future in politics.

Germany, 1st January, 1943. Jenny is being held underground. The Nazis reveal that there is in fact a person inside the egg, a person the Tibetans had guarded for generations. In fear of what lives inside the egg, the Nazis intend to cook it, and eat the contents for supper. The soldiers also divulge that Jenny is to be sent to Dr. Joseph Goebbels, who will cut her open to learn her secrets. Dr. Goebbels hopes to take what he learns and create an army of Nazi super-soldiers with Jenny’s abilities. Jenny is dragged to the cars outside. On the way, she encounters her old friend Adolf. He recognises her immediately, and enquires why she has been captured. After learning why Jenny is imprisoned, Adolf orders her immediate release; Jenny also is to be given the Tibetan egg. Adolf watches from a window as Jenny is placed in a car. He wishes her a happy birthday.

Skywatch, 20th August, 1998. Jenny is writing in her diary, when Swift interrupts her. Swift leans over Jenny and kisses her on the head, then asks her to hurry back to bed.    

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